Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I was all geared up for our outing to Victoria Gardens today, thinking it would be nice to wheel around outside and check out some gardens. Imagine my surprise when we got all loaded up and drove to the Victoria Gardens mall then... It ended up being a nice morning, I did some shopping at the Apple store and we had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen. The therapists with us had me transfer into a booth seat for lunch rather than sit in my chair, something I had never really thought about. But it was comfortable and good to get out of the chair for a bit, so now I'll try that more often.

My room at the Casa is getting empty, we've left just enough clothes for the rest of the week and that's about it. Debbie will take the CPM machine tomorrow and then Friday it will be my turn. Two more days!


  1. That's great Mister! Back out into the real world! (Has anyone warned them?) Hope it goes smoothly and easily.

    Pete yflp-w & Jenny

  2. I'm sure you'll be glad to see that CPM go.

    I know this goes without saying, but...


  3. You rock, Andrew. I'm so excited for you to finally be going home. It's been a long journey at the various hospitals and I've been reading about it almost everyday. Not much else going on at the Cerritos building - shh don't tell Sean ;) Brad came into the office yesterday to say hi. It was good to see him. You two have way too much in common now. I hope you continue with your blogs once you're home. Take care.

    Kathleen (& Blake) Conner

  4. ...hooray indeed - well done, Andrew and Deb - just one more day!


    All the best,

    -Pawlie & Libby.

    Santa Barbara, CA.

  5. Today's the big day! You've come so far, Andrew, I'm glad that you get to live at home with Deb now. ;o) Best wishes for the future, I hope you'll continue the blog as you get used to home life!