Friday, August 14, 2009

Moving right along


Today Debbie and I went to check out the Scion Xb. A lot of people have recommended it for me and it has a lot of things that are good for someone in a chair. I got in and out really easily using my sliding board, as the driver's seat is just a little bit higher than the height of my chair. I felt comfortable right away in the seat. There's tons of headroom to bring the chair in after me. And if Debbie comes along there's plenty of room in the back for my chair even without taking it apart. Aside from all that, it's a pretty nice truck. Unfortunately I can't test drive a demo, but the actual driving part of it is not as important as the other stuff right now.


  1. good to hear you checked out the Xb, i really like that ride, esp with the new body style. hope things work out for you to get it. i like the pic you posted, that is def one nice looking ride.

  2. Erm...I can see it now: a thumpin' sound system, some blingalicious rims and tires, and Andrew with baggy clothes, some cheap sunglasses and a bad haircut...

  3. Kento, you forgot the CF hood, the lowering kit and the loud non-perfomance exhaust. THEN everyone will think Andrew and Deb are a coupla' teenagers...

    And doesn't Andrew have a bad haircut already?

    He doesn't read this, right?

  4. I applied to 'Pimp my Ride' for you...but wait, it already is 'pimped'!
    Way cool Andrew.

  5. Andrew,

    It's a bit of stretch to call the Xb a truck, but I'll let it slide since you went so many years in LA without a four-wheeled vehicle of any kind.

    Great write up on you in the Reeves Foundation publication. You're a superb ambassador to the sport of motorcycling even in a difficult situation. Your words and positive outlook in the article are truly inspirational and an excellent example for how the rest of the motorcycling community should handle themselves.

    Well done.


  6. AT:

    I have a fair bit of time in the Xb and it's a great car. Takes a bit of getting used to, that gun-slit windshield waaaay out there, but it gets good mileage and has a pile of room inside.

    Go for it.


  7. Hey Andrew I see that $ hasn't commented on this ride yet but I'm thinking a bottle of nitrous and a cougar in the front seat with you are already on order.

  8. Not fair: we can't get it in Canada!

    Is the Nissan Cube offered in the US?


  9. Yes, the Nissan Cube is new to the US this year...and I laugh every time I see one. I surely couldn't picture The Geek driving around in one, though.

    Anywho, that'll be a nice ride, Andrew. Hopefully it has more power than the first generation I drove. That thing could barely get out of its own way. You should put a hydraulic ramp in the back for ingress/egress. How cool would that be to show up somewhere, pop the hatch open and roll right out! Talk about a grand entrance! :)

  10. OK Andrew is this your midlife crisis car or...?
    I mean that lump is a GenX ride all the way, you need to be born AFTER 1970 to qualify for ownership!!

    J Andrew

  11. Andrew,

    Great to see things are coming along well, and that you've got cool new wheels on the horizon.

    Thinking of you often from north of the border,


  12. Oh the things we will do with Tre'Vs lil car!!! Still waitin for the green light to do some mods on the chair as well...Ti hardware ect... Its only a phone call away Tre'V!!!

  13. AT - You can't lose with 22s!