Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Rolling rolling rolling


After the golf tournament on Friday I had a pretty quiet weekend at home. Debbie has been busy at work the last few days so I've been on my own quite a bit. On Monday I went over to the gym by myself and that went fine - although the door into the building is a real chore as it's a huge and heavy plate-glass thing. Monday was also the nine-month anniversary of my tipover; I hardly even thought about it all day and I think that's a good sign.

We've been trying to get me into Northridge hospital for therapy but there is a long wait time even to get an evaluation, so it looks like I'll be heading back to the Casa a couple of days a week starting probably next week. In the meantime I've been stretching as much as I can, going to the gym and getting out and rolling around. This evening we wheeled over to this historic landmark that's just around the corner. Do you recognize it?


  1. ...indeed - it's the Brady Bunch house!



    Santa Barbara, CA (Portland at the moment!)

  2. It took me an hour to figure out your t-shirt,
    let alone the landmark!! Looking good Andrew,
    great to see you are out and abooot.

  3. No idea... what is it bud?... And help us with the shirt already.. :o)
    Great to see you out Andrew. Thinking of you daily.


  4. Glad you are doing well at home! Now about that motorized racing chair.....


  5. Okay Andrew, I apologize in advance. The only way I could get the Brady Bunch theme song out of my head was to write this for you. So hum a few bars (Here's a story of a lovely lady...) and sing this to the same tune.

    Here's a story of a man named Andrew
    Whose love for bikes was a huge part of his life
    He moved to sunny LA for work and for the weather
    And then soon after came his awesome wife.

    Till that one day when Tres V had a 'mishap'
    Testing tires on the windy Angeles Crest
    It sent all who cared for him into a tailspin
    As he was handed one of life's toughest test.

    Andrew faced his journey with the greatest courage
    Showing strength he'd kept inside for all these years
    We stood by him as he made it thru some doozies
    Trying hard to hide from him our many tears.

    Today we are so proud of our dear brother
    As he conquers this challenge of his life
    Thanks to all who've been there for our hero Andrew
    And most of all to Deb his honey of a wife!!

    He's Superman, He's Superman
    His motto is to do the best he can!!!

    I couldn't resist!


  6. After seeing what you have gone through and others that have crashed badly, I had a few bad crashes myself in years past, I decided that I had to put the RC-51 up for sale. Too many drivers on cell phones talking and messaging these days and I could not think far enough ahead to plan what they would or would not do to avoid them. So riding was not fun anymore, it tuned into a tiring mental exercise. keep up the fight Andrew.

  7. To the anonymous poster above: You might want to read Andrew's StopWatch column from the June issue (copy and paste this into your browser):