Sunday, August 30, 2009

Team TreV

Troy contemplates his 100-mile bicycle ride.
My friend Troy from the office is entering a charity bicycle ride to benefit the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. It's a 100-mile ride (whew!) that takes place in January. As well, Troy has joined with a couple of his friends to make "Team TreV". Check out his page on the Foundation's site: where you can donate to the Foundation in support of Troy's ride. And the Team TreV page: where you can join the team and take part in the ride yourself!


  1. So this is what it has come to...No loger are the days of Troy riding the Elite of the Elite.. now its clicking his tiny lil feet into a pedal and having them rotate, im guessing a million times to cover 100 miles!! As much as id love to give (Goose as hes known on Facebook) a hard time...Gotta give him LOTS of Props!!! Goose?? You can be my wing man anytime!!!! (sniff-sniff!! Just a lil pepper in the eye thats all)!! lol...
    And Tre'V!! Were ready for the 22's!!!! Cant wait to saw and file and drill and...and...and...Oh im gettin goosebumps just thinkin bout it eh!!! NO!!! not Troybumps!!! Like real Canadian Gooses!! lol

  2. Now was I suposed to say "Gooses"?? or "Geeses"?? Im soo canadian!!! eh!!!

  3. Your pals just never stop thinking of you do they?
    Troy; You just made the Canadian "YOU DA MAN" list!