Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Back to work...for a visit


On Tuesday Debbie and I went into the office to check out my new cubicle and say hi to everyone. Our offices were moved from the 17th floor to the ninth floor a couple of months ago, and I ended up in an oversize cube. I was in a window office before but there's no way I could have gotten in and around the desk with the chair, so the cube is perfect. Unbelievably, all my junk got boxed up and set aside, and my cube is super clean and tidy. Hopefully I can keep it that way! It was great to see everyone and say hi, and people have really gone out of their way to make my return as easy as possible. The visit left me looking forward to getting back to work, and hopefully it won't be long now until I get the green light.


  1. good to hear you'll be getting back to work soon. been enjoying your articles as of late. did they take the door with all the stickers and put it in your cubicle? i really like that door, it looks good with all the stickers on it.

    good luck with getting back to the grind and keep the articles and updates coming.

  2. You sure picked one heck of a way to get your office cleaned up !

  3. I like your view, how long will it take you to get it to the 'Andrew" state??
    Great to see you getting back to work
    Love Mom

  4. I'm guessing you won't keep it tidy if that's what the old version looked like :-)

    Glad to hear you're coming back. Sorry you have to be around Troy more though.

  5. I think I left a set of leathers in there somewhere?? Maybe even a bike!!! Cant see 'em tho!!! Altho, the Team Luv Garage has looked worse!! yet we manage to build bikes for stories still....Hint Hint!!! in when we building some bikes??!!!! $ needs some Mag luv time!!! lol!! Eh!!

  6. Great to hear you are back in the office and around everyone at SR...That is the office I remember !
    Tom Hnatiw

  7. Nice DRA sticker. Thats some history right there!

  8. Looks like we need to send you some more stickers eh?

    lots of love