Sunday, September 6, 2009


Just another yogi trying to get his yoga on.

Debbie and I went to a yoga class at her usual studio, Yoga at the Village, on Friday. It was a great class for me, I stayed in my chair and the instructor gave me individual exercises when the class was doing something I couldn't. It helped in a bunch of ways, and it was especially nice to go back to a familiar place and do something I used to do.

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  1. Do they really call them "YOGI's"?? Haha!! and who are the "BooBoo's" LOL!!! You bendy people crack me up!!! Even the ones that put "ONIONS" in the Weirdest places!!! ha!!
    On a seperate note...Hope you consider what we talked aboot...make a suprise appearance!! no notice!! Gona be alot of fans there!!! Its NO problem for me!!! I got lots of not riding!!!
    Debbie said she wants a break anyways!! lol.. Well she said no...but we all no that what chicks say and what they mean are TWO totaly different things right??!!!! Lets Do this!! You got a Month to Prep!!!