Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New wheels

Yesterday my friend Eric ($$) came over and made the mods to my chair so we could put the bigger wheels on. Bigger wheels let me go further with each push, so it's a lot easier to roll around. I noticed a big difference right away on the carpet in the apartment, and this evening Debbie and I went over to the grocery store - that was easier too. The wheels sit higher in relation to the chair so my elbow has to bend quite a bit more, but over the last couple of weeks I've gotten more range so even that's not much trouble.


  1. I knew it was only a matter of time before the modifications began!

    So, have you put any carbon fiber on it yet?


  2. Leaps and bounds are nothing to how you are going, Love mom (no racing around that apartment!!!)

  3. Let the mods begin:)!!!!

    Dave Flowers

  4. ...most excellent - "touring" wheels, as it were!

    Keep up the great work, Andrew...



    Santa Barbara, CA.

  5. I will have you know....that even if there wasnt a 12pack there chilled to the exact correct temp... I still would have been there to help Tre'v!! O.K....Maybe I was a bit quick to defend myself...but yeah...I Deff work for Pepsi!!! But...NOT for Burgers with Onions!!! lol!! Goodthing the Angelfood cake saved the night!! eh!! haha!!

  6. I remember your first days of therapy, when your goal was to sit up and hold your balance for a matter of seconds working towards minutes. You measured your dizziness to the therapists by relating it to drinking martinis and how you felt after one...two...three! Look at you now sitting so tall and strong!

  7. Surprised it took you this long to start modding the chair...

    Pepsi? Yechhh!!'s the real thing, mon!

  8. Way to go Trev! What kind of wheels will you have on after the mods...Spinergy, Kenda, or something else? I've been injured 14 months (on Monday), so I'm still figuring out what I've got going next.

    I'm one of your friends on Facebook, so feel free to drop me a line sometime. It's good to see you do so well!!!



  9. Pepsi and cupcakes!

    Anything e-money touches turns to gold:) Glad you had the bestest mek-a-nick work on your equipment!

    Nice work Tre-v!