Sunday, September 27, 2009

Busy busy


It's been a busy few days with my sister and her family in town. On Friday we went to Olvera Street downtown. That evening we had some friends over, and at the end of the night I was worn out enough to need a push back to the apartment. Luckily, someone was more than willing to help!


  1. Child labor ... child labor!

  2. Hey!!! I was gona say the same thing!!! But of course I wouldn't turn you in, in exchange for a ice cold refreshing Pepsi!!! MmmmmMmmmm!!

  3. HILARIOUS!!! Andrew, Hayden had SO MUCH FUN with you all and he really did feel like "such a BIG Helper" even though he nearly pushed you into a parked car, or three!" *LOL*
    Wait till I show him this! He will think he is so famous!
    Love and Hugs to you, Deb, Marty, Susan, Erin and Ryan ~ Dinner was DELICIOUS!
    Meg, K2 and Hayden "there goes Southwest" the helper

  4. Hi, Andrew (& Family) -

    Hope all is going well, and that life is settling down into a good modus operandi - you all certainly deserve it...



    Santa Barbara, CA.