Sunday, November 29, 2009

A surprising improvement


After the last big change in my elbow's range of motion it had stayed about the same for a few weeks. I had practically given up on getting more movement, but in the last week or so it's gotten a few degrees better - enough that I'm using the full range of the CPM machine. That was just in time to see the surgeon for my bi-monthly checkup; he figured the CPM machine won't do me much more good because of that, so that will go back this week.

We've been hunting around for paved (or solid) hiking paths, and while we were at the doctor's office we stopped at Eaton Canyon, just up the road from the office. I was able to get around the nature center and some of the trails, but not the majority of it. We also checked out Johnny Carson park in Burbank, and I could get around there pretty good. In the next couple of weeks I've found some bicycle trails I'm hoping we can check out as well.


  1. good to hear that you're getting around a bit (a friend in NJ)

  2. Maybe that just means you need to get knobbies on the chair. :)

  3. I'll bet that Kento is reading this and hoping that you can try the path into the office soon!

  4. What about the Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach boardwalks? The SMB isn't too crowded, especially this time of year and it's even longer than VBB. And when it's raining, a lap or two around the Glendale Galleria should get you well knackered.