Friday, November 20, 2009

Gone fishing


My usual occupational therapist at the Casa is pretty innovative. We've been trying to build up my trunk strength and find what muscles still work down there, and he's come up with all kinds of different exercises. This week it was fishing; picking up cones and setting them on the table using a weighted pole. Of course, I have to do this while balancing, adding another dimension to the activity.

All the trunk work is paying off. I can do a little bit of a crunch now, and I actually have a bit of posture during sitting balance. The best part is that I have more control leaning forward in my chair and won't just fall straight over. Leaning forward gives you a lot more leverage on the wheels, and that in turn makes going up ramps and hills easier.


  1. Next time you visit the Great White North, We'll try that therapy on some weights that fight back! Mabee a twenty pound northern pike.
    Keep up the good work Amigo.

  2. So let me get this straight... Dr's wana know how much "Junk you have in your trunk"?? Now correct me if im wrong here...but isn't that something that chicks are always trying to get so they can get into those Rapper Videos?? I even think they have a song aboot that kinda stuff!! Are you trying to get into a video?? Im realy confused here..(not that thats that hard to do) Tre' there something we need to know?? lol

  3. Wowser! Check out the pipes!! You can get arrested for guns like that! You're looking awesome Andrew.

  4. The doors are open. Welcome to the gun show. Looking is free but touching is gonna cost ya! Great work Andrew, you're an inspiration to us mortals.