Sunday, January 17, 2010

This Week

My driving test is scheduled for Thursday. I've been practicing in the parking lot a few times and the controls are almost second nature now. Getting in and out on my own is a different matter; I've got it down to about 10 minutes each, so there's still some work to do on that. It's just my luck that it's supposed to rain all week, and that will add an additional challenge on Thursday. It will be a busy week otherwise as well, with three doctor's appointments. Luckily, I can put my three half-days of work in at home and don't have to go into the office.

That means the next time I go to work I will hopefully - yikes! - drive myself.


  1. Good luck with your test, I'm sure you will pass with flying colors!!!


    amy and jordan

  2. After all you have achieved and overcome this will be like an ant hill to a mountain, you will do fine. Mom

  3. Excuse me Mr.... I see you are CLEARLY driving a motorized vehicle in this picture here, and you CLEARLY do not have a Im gona need you to turn yourself in the the local police dept...Driving without a licence is a No-No young man!! and anyone that would encourage you to do so is NOT someone you would want to be hangign around with.... Now if you can produce some Randy's donuts...we may be able to over look this lil what will it be?? Eh?? Oh don't start with the baby Jesus prayer

  4. p.s sweet ride man


  5. Andrew I've been through a similar "test" so let me tell you not to be surprised when they have you drive around for a couple of hours:
    changing lanes,
    entering/exiting the freeway,
    yielding to pedestrians,
    stopping at intersections BEFORE the limit line,
    using turn signals to change lanes,
    coming to a complete stop for Stop signs BEFORE the... ,
    yielding right of way,
    observing the posted speed limit,

    Y'know- all those things that don't matter to So Cal commuters... ;-)

    Rock On Dude!

    J Andrew

  6.'ll do great, Andrew - no worries - go get that license!



    Santa Barbara, CA.

  7. I'm thinking that at about noon today (Wednesday)your busy week just got alot busier! Now you've got your big brother there (surprise!!) to take you to that driver's test...history repeats itself. Good luck and enjoy the company.

  8. Ahh, the return of a little sweet indepedence! Excellent progress. You have come far.

    Fellow rider in frozen New England