Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sonoma bound

Photo credit Peter Griffith
This week I'm heading up to Sonoma, just north of San Francisco, and a two-day test at Infineon Raceway for work. Luckily, Debbie will be going with me. It wasn't too hard to convince her to go, as the track is right in wine country as well as being close to places like Sausalito, the Muir Woods and the Pacific Coast. Three nights away, plus a lot of driving, I'm sure I'll be worn out by the time we get back.


  1. ...sounds wonderful - have fun at the track, Andrew!

    I'll be up there shooting the AMA test on April 1-2. Lots of good memories at Infineon/Sears and the surrounding area.

    I remember meeting you in the elevator at the Sheraton a few years back (maybe 2007) during the May race weekend.

    And then of course there's lots I don't "remember" from the various post-race winery benders...



  2. Tre'v back at the track is know when they have the promo deal where you get "3" Hostess cupcakes for the price of "2"?? Thats EXACTLY what is like!! Nothin better than "3" cupcakes!! Just like Tre'v at the track!! (well tech 4 cupcakes would be better than 3.. but you get the point)
    Was a AWESOME 2 days Tre'v!!! Thanks a Million!!

  3. Drink heavily. ;-)

    J Andrew