Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Photos courtesy of Kevin Wing.

My day at the track last week went great, although it was a long day by the time I drove out and back as well. Luckily there wasn't too much to worry about as far as actual work was concerned, so that part of the day was pretty light. As you can see from the picture, my friends were happy to have me there as well.

Unfortunately, the same can't be said about the tooth installation the next day. Once the doctor got in there, he realized there wasn't enough bone for the tooth base to attach to and had to do a bone graft. The bone for that came from the side of my mouth, so it was a painful few days after. I'm still on mostly soup to eat, hopefully some solid food is in the near future.


  1. You should probably start with someting soft like um........cupcakes?

  2. Now your tawkin marTAY!!!! Mmmmm Cupcakes!!
    I know Tre'V knows how to throw down some Cupcakes!!!

  3. Hang in there, Andrew -

    You're almost there. The dental stuff can surely be annoying at times (I had to have an unexpected gum surgery during my restoration, and that was no picnic), but they really know what they're doing these days and I'm sure you'll be all fixed-up right quick.

    And just think - once it's all done, friends and family will (finally) have to cease and desist with the "Toothless People" and random hillbilly jokes...


    Take care.


    Santa Barbara.

  4. You'd better keep your eye on those cupcakes, klepto just may have to make a trip down to STEAL some......;)

    Nice to see you back at the track

    lots of luv


  5. Nice the see you surrounded by the guys, great pictures.