Sunday, February 14, 2010

The calm after the storm

After a busy few weeks, I realized we missed some important milestones. February 2nd was the day a year ago that I transferred from the Huntington hospital to Casa Colina for rehab. And January 25th marked six months that I've been home from the Casa. That means I've been at home for longer than I was at the Casa, even though it doesn't seem I've been home that long. The blog has been up for more than a year now, so it's easy to check back and see what was happening a year ago - although I don't like the reminders from looking back.

Now, a look ahead: Tomorrow I go to the racetrack, this will be the first time for work and it will be a long day. And then Tuesday I get the base for my tooth put in. Later in the week I'll hopefully be able to check out a gym near the office for more rehab work. I guess I'll be busy again!


  1. Thats right, no stoppin to smell the flowers now!
    It's great to see you on the Go Andrew!

  2. Im still Voting for the "Gold" pimp tooth!!! with a lil $ in diamonds (well CZ) lol!!
    6 months?? really?? you right...deff doesn't feel like 6 months...maybe thats cause you've already had 3 birthdays?? You da man Tre'v!!
    Remember (Gold)!!

  3. it's good to see you back in action..

    a friend in NJ

  4. That Red S on your chest looks good from here!

    J Andrew

  5. Terrific Andrew! I suggest getting the optional base that allows you to change teeth for the occasion. A bottle opener for a night out. A cupcake package opener for those afternoons with Emoney, and of course, haul out the bling for the fancy occasions!

    Glad to see things are getting better everyday.

    Pete and Jenny