Friday, February 12, 2010

25th Anniversary Kawasaki Bodywork

BK Designs Speedpaint and Kawasaki Canada have put together two auctions of the bodywork used on the Kawasaki team bikes at the Mosport round of the Canadian Superbike Series. The bodywork marks the 25th anniversary of the Ninja brand and was used on the ZX-10Rs of Jordan Szoke and Alex Welsh. Some of the money raised from the auctions will go to the Get Well Trev fund, but - more importantly - some will go toward the Canadian Rider Safety Fund, a worthy cause.

Thanks to Jeff Comello of Canadian Kawasaki, Kevin Kernohan of BK Designs Speedpaint, Colin Fraser of the Canadian Superbike Series, Jordan Szoke and Alex Welsh for their support! Check out the auctions here: Jordan Szoke bodywork, Alex Welsh bodywork.


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