Sunday, April 18, 2010

One year ago

At the Upland Lemon Festival a year ago

I find it interesting sometimes to look back through the blog to see what was happening this time last year. I had just been home for the first time, gotten over a cold, and was heading for a nasty couple of weeks courtesy of a double infection. At times I wish I was further ahead than I am, but when I check back and see what was happening just a year ago I'm surprised at how far I've come.


  1. Leaps and bounds - looking back to get inspiration to go forward.

    You've done amazing.

    Lots of love from your Canadian friends, we think of you often

    "the Szokes"

  2. 'I'm surprised at how far I've come'. We're not!!

  3. 'I'm surprised at how far I've come.' We're not!!

  4. When "You Da Man"!! there is nothing anyone is suprised aboot!! Well maybe that its not "Normal" to put Onions (the devils fruit) into Burgers... But other than that..No suprises here!!! Still Da Man!!!

  5. Andrew the psychology of recovering from traumatic injury is an interesting thing. Your recovery to this point has been excellent in no small part because of your attitude.
    A year from now things will be even better, and again, looking back, you will be surprised at how far you've come...
    ...and we will all be proud of you :-)

    J Andrew

  6. We're not surprised, knew you could and would do it. proud of you but then you are a Trevitt!!!
    Love Mom

  7. Beautiful!

    I remember how good it felt to see those pictures of you a year ago, it was a long way to get there, and you've come a long way since.

    Keep working on Emoney. You'll have him putting mayo on his fries in no time.

    Whatever you do, don't tell him about Poutine.

    Pete Yflp-w

  8. Oh gawd - EMoney with poutine? Gads! He's still on his rice diet. Cheeze/gravy and fries don't mix!

    love - Klepto