Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Day at the Races

But not the races you think! Debbie and I went to see A Day at the Races - a 1937 movie starring the Marx brothers - at an old theater in downtown Glendale. The movie was great fun and the theater had good accessible seating, especially for a building so old. The film was presented by the Alex Film Society, Debbie has been doing the newsletter and some other design work for them lately. Check out her newsletter for Psycho!

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  1. Oh man!! Sorry!! Just got my invite to the movies!! Couldnt make it :( Oh wait....I didn't get an invite!! Do you guys forget your married?? You don't need alone time anymore now that your married!! EH!! haha!! Thats what Yoga's for!! Lets see how Deb feels when Tre'v and I go on a "Man Date" to the movies..yeah..Payback!! haha!!