Monday, May 17, 2010

Back to the track


On Saturday I went to Willow Springs to help my friends Corey and Eric with some data acquisition on Corey's racebike. I managed to stay out in the heat all day and not get too tired, something I've been worried about as it's getting warmer. My stamina seems to be slowly getting better, although I still need plenty of sleep at night and a couple of long days in a row really catch up with me. Back to the track for work on Wednesday this week as well.


  1. looks kinda like a fire hazard there with all the cords spread out all over the floor!!! Think its time for a call to Code enforcement!! You geeks are always abusing the amount of cords needed for one lil outlet!! ha!! Was good to have back up at the track!! You da man!!

  2. Andrew since I got hurt I require allot more "catch up" sleep/rest after working a couple of days straight.
    I too found this highly annoying as it was a pretty drastic change from my old lifestyle.

    With the love and support from Laura, family, and peers I was able to come to grips with it,
    as I am sure you will.

    J Andrew

  3. It's all relative. I still recall a few trips on four wheels to/from the track where Andrew wanted nothing more than a good nap.

  4. Much more high tech than the good old days at Shannonville and Mosport when a notepad and a pen were sufficient for 'data aquisition'.

  5. Looks good on ya to be back. Doing what you do best:)


    The szokes

    p.s Went through some old photos the other day from earlier in Jordan's career, he pointed you out alot. I'll have to scan and send them to you.


  6. Good to see you out there, Trev. I was even wearing your old leathers for my races. Must'a been a good luck charm since I got on the podium in two of my races. Or not, since I didn't win my races...