Monday, May 10, 2010

A roll in the park

No, I have not transformed into a duck. This is some of the local wildlife.

On Sunday Debbie and I went to Lake Balboa Park, which is part of the Sepulveda Dam Recreation Area and not too far from home. The park has paved trails and we went all the way around the lake - about 1.3 miles according to the city's information page. The park is part of a 2000-acre flood control basin, with golf courses, a wildlife area, sports centers and more. I can't believe we've lived here for so long and had never been before, but now that we know what's there and that a lot of it is accessible, we'll hopefully be going again soon.


  1. There's a great Japanese garden attached to the park (actually the water treatment plant next to the park). Quite nice. It's where Karin and I got married--although she hates it when I say we were married at a sewage treatment plant.

  2. Really?? Are you (the geek) Really gona take the parks word for the path being 1.3 miles?? I think we need to install the G2 data pack on and find out for sure if they are correct!! plus a track map of the lake will help with lines next time your there!! Theres NEVER such a thing as TOO much data right??!! haha!!