Sunday, August 8, 2010

More from the holiday

Heading into the CN Tower

When we were in Canada we met up with some of Debbie's family in Toronto. Her Niece Courtney lives downtown, and we stayed in a hotel not too far from her apartment and did some sightseeing. One of our stops was the Terracotta Army at the Royal Ontario Museum, a very interesting exhibit and worth checking out if you can. On the same day we went to the CN Tower.

It was really hot that day, and the power to downtown Toronto (including both the Tower and our hotel) went out right when we were at the top. We were stranded for a little bit, but made it back down without too much trouble. Once we made it down though, it turned out to be a maze to get back to the hotel. The elevators to go up and across a bridge weren't working; we wheeled around for a bit trying to find a way around, but ended up trapped. Debbie's brother-in-law Shane and another nice gentleman that stopped to help us had to carry me up a flight of steps, a big job in the heat.

We were able to stay at Courtney's apartment for a little while before going back to the hotel once the power came back on, but it ended up being a long day and a lot of wheeling around. Still, we had a great time.


  1. Good Job!!! But Corey Neuer has a tower?? Wow!! Didn't see that one comin!! haha!!
    Will have to check it ooout when I get time to get back and visit the Home Land!! eh!!

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  3. My wife is from Toronto, it's a very nice city..hope you got to see Kensington Market

    A friend in NJ

  4. Aw shucks! Next time give us a dingle we'd love to see ya!


    Amy Szoke AKA klepto;)