Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To the beach!

Hermosa Beach

On Sunday Debbie and I spent the afternoon at Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. Los Angeles is mostly flat, but near those beaches the area is quite hilly. At Hermosa, the residential area where we parked was on a steep hill, and Debbie had to help me up and down. At Redondo, the beach and boardwalk are at the bottom of a super-steep and sandy ramp; there was no way I'd go down, as even able-bodied people were having trouble on it. Even at that, we had a nice afternoon, going to the end of the pier and rolling along the boardwalk at Hermosa Beach and lunch in Redondo Beach.


  1. Would that Lunch have consisted of CupCakes?? MmmmmmMmmm Cupcakes!!
    Were ready for a swim when you are!! Keep me posted!


  2. Having done the obligatory beach life stint (everyone that moves to California lives there at first, except Canadians!?) that ramp down to the strand/beach is pretty steep.

    For those that have not had the pleasure of visiting Redondo Beach-
    It's the beach access ramp used in the closing scenes of Tequila Sunrise.