Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay

With my niece Erin at Santa Monica pier

Twenty Five years ago, Rick Hansen circled the world in his wheelchair and raised $26 million dollars for spinal cord research. Next week, he will start a cross-Canada trek to mark the 25th anniversary of that tour. People can enter a contest to be a part of the relay, and walk, wheel or run with Rick Hansen as he goes through their community. My niece Erin called yesterday and said she entered and was chosen to be one of the medal-bearers as the relay goes through her area in November. I'm very proud of her! Find out more about the relay: Rick Hansen 25th Anniversary Relay.


  1. proud of you both, Mom, / Nana

  2. Andrew that is a GREAT shot of you!? Even next to that Cute Young Thing you look Good!

    J Andrew

  3. Thats Awesome!!!!