Saturday, July 30, 2011

Doug Henry

A video from CNN about Doug Henry

The above video is about Doug Henry, a former professional motocross and supermoto racer that is now a paraplegic. The amazing thing is that Doug still rides motocross and even races snowmobiles. Here is another story and video on his local news station. Now I'm not about to jump on a bike or snowmobile anytime soon, but I really admire people such as Doug who won't let paralysis stop them doing something they love.


  1. Well all I know is "WHEN" (not IF) you ARE ready to jump onto or into something, I'll be the first one there with my Sawlsaw and Bench Grinder to make sure everything is ready to go!!!


  2. It surprises me that Doug feels the need to ride? It's not like there's anything he hasn't done, I mean, the guy is fairly accomplished on a motorcycle!!

    J Andrew

  3. Don't even think it!!! Love Mom

  4. Mom didn't finish her sentence '...cause you are never to old to put over my knee!!!'