Saturday, March 3, 2012

New Doctors

Last week, Debbie and I went to the Blusson Spinal Cord Center in Vancouver for an evaluation and to see a new rehab doctor. As part of our move to British Columbia, I've had to find all new doctors; a rehab doctor essentially oversees everything involved with my long-term care. The Blusson Center is part of the Vancouver General Hospital and the GF Strong Rehabilitation Center. The building itself recently opened, and is shared with the Rick Hansen Institute and the International Collaboration on Repair Discoveries. There is a lot going on in the building as far as research as well as care.

My appointment was almost three hours long, and I met with a social worker, a nurse, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and a physiatrist - a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor. It was quite interesting to note some differences between what my doctors and therapists in California recommended and what the people I met with last week recommended. I've got some new supplements to try, a bunch of different programs and resources to check into, and I'll be going back to the Blusson Center at some point to see a recreation therapist. There are also plenty of research programs going on at the center, and I'm planning on signing up for a couple of them.


  1. Andrew that ROCKS!
    All those resources, all those new directions, all'ers betters!

    J Andrew

  2. still rooting for ya

    a friend in NJ