Saturday, March 10, 2012

Research Studies

Last week, when we were at the Blusson Spinal Cord Center in Vancouver, we found that a lot of research is conducted on-site, in addition to the various clinics. I signed up to take part in two research studies. The first is a wheelchair propulsion study, which involves wheeling on a treadmill while the amount of energy and force it takes are measured. That will tie in nicely with all the wheeling I've been doing, and hopefully I will get some ideas from that. The second is an assessment of trunk muscle function; for that, the muscles in my abdomen will be measured and monitored while I do a variety of tasks. This one will be particularly interesting as I've been continuing my weekly yoga (via Skype!) and we've been working on balance and abdominal muscles quite a bit. I go next week for the first part of the trunk muscle study, and the week after for the first of the wheelchair propulsion tests. For some more information about the studies, check here: ICORD research studies.

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  1. Andrew that other bike computer brand is Vetta, the Timex is betta though.

    With this new venue and the studies/training you're signed up for it sounds like installing one would be a valuable info source?

    J Andrew