Saturday, March 24, 2012

Trunk Muscle Function Study Part II

On Friday I went to the University of British Columbia for the second part of the trunk muscle function study. In this part, I was strapped down to a bench, and electrodes were attached to my abdomen for the electromyography to monitor the three main abdominal muscles (transverse, obliques, and rectus) for activity. Ultrasound was also used to measure the thickness of each of the muscles. I worked through a number of motions trying to use my abdominal muscles - sit-ups, twists, rolls, and expanding and contracting my belly - while everything was recorded.

I managed to sneak a peek at the EMG screen while doing some of the movements, and could see something happening, especially on my left side. I asked the researchers about it, they said that for someone with my level of injury they would expect to see nothing, but I definitely have some activity in there. They seemed more surprised, though, that I had good control over my belly and diaphragm while breathing. They have to do some analysis of the EMG and ultrasound for a full picture of what's going on in there, but I'll be able to find out later the results.

On Monday I go back to do the whole thing again, as backup and to confirm the data. This time I will try to get a picture of the EMG screen to show what's happening.


  1. This is really cool, Andrew! Do they think it's the result of all your yoga practice?

  2. Andrew it is very encouraging to see your level of enthusiasm so High!
    You make quite a lab rat!!

    J Andrew