Saturday, March 31, 2012

Trunk Muscle Function Study Part III, and...

The third part of the trunk muscle function study was a repeat of last week, with all the same exercises. This time, however, when the electrodes were attached to my belly I could make one of the EMG lines go by working my abdomen, and there was a lot more activity on-screen during the exercises. The researchers asked if I had been "practicing" all weekend, and I think were a bit surprised when I said that I had done my weekly yoga session just that morning. It was all quite interesting again, and I learned more about what's in my abdomen as far as what muscles are working more than others. When the study is complete and all the data analyzed, I go back a final time to see the results.

On another note, I found out this week that I will be a medal-bearer for the Rick Hansen Relay when it goes through Surrey in May. I am really excited about that, and will post more details when I find out what exactly what's involved.

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  1. Well, after going to the Rick Hansen Relay site it looks like you'll be carrying a medal for 250 meters!? So that's why you've been training!

    Rock On dude!

    J Andrew