Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Tek RMD

The Tek RMD - Robotic Mobilization Device

Several people have sent me a link to this video, about the Tek RMD Robotic Mobilization Device. It's essentially a motorized standing frame that can be used for various activities, and offers several advantages over a wheelchair. One advantage is, of course, that you stand in it rather than sit, and this has the same benefits as the standing frame - better circulation, digestion and bone density. Another is that you mount the RMD from the back, which is safer than tossing yourself in a wheelchair from the front or side. And finally, the device is quite a bit smaller than a wheelchair, making it more maneuverable.

Some of the news items on the RMD say it "replaces" the wheelchair, or makes it "obsolete." But from a practical standpoint, there are some drawbacks. I think with such a small base that it would be quite tippy, and the slightest bump in the floor could cause problems. Notice in the video that it goes very slow and is always shown on a perfectly flat floor. Certainly it's not something you could take out on a rough sidewalk. Another drawback is that I can't see how you would get it into a car to go somewhere.

Still, it's something definitely worth considering for use in an apartment or in lieu of a standing frame, and it sure would be nice to stand at the kitchen counter instead of sitting all twisted up - perfect for making cocktails!


  1. Ya Know I was going to send this to you! Nice to hear your thoughts on it!

  2. Looks cool and aside from the downsides you mentioned, have you considered the fact that you might have to iron & vacume if you had one? I think looking into this ( would be WAY more fun.