Thursday, May 24, 2012

Rick Hansen "Many in Motion" Relay

Carrying the Rick Hansen medal in Surrey

This past Saturday I carried the Rick Hansen medal as part of the 25th Anniversary Relay. It was a 250-metre roll, not very far, but uphill and it actually ended up being a bit of a workout. It was an interesting experience, we started by meeting up with some representatives of the relay and a dozen of the other medal-bearers for the day. We each told our story - and some of the stories were pretty emotional - and then we were loaded into a bus that took us each to our starting point on the route. Then it was a matter of taking the medal from the person before, and handing it off to the person following. I received the medal from a lady that has been through plenty of turmoil herself, and then handed it off to Angus Reid, who plays for the BC Lions CFL team. He also had quite the story to tell, and does a lot of work with kids in the community.

My mom and niece Erin (Erin was a medal-bearer in Ontario earlier) have been here for the week, partly for a visit to see our new home but also to join me on the relay. It was great to have them join us for the day, and I'll have another post later about some other activities we did during the week.

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  1. I find it very cool that you & your niece were in the same rally (intentional typo!) thousands of miles apart!?

    J Andrew