Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Jedd handcycle

Yesterday I went to a handcycle clinic at the GF Strong Rehab Centre. I have tried a handcycle before at Casa Colina and really liked it, and went to see what was available here for different models and vendors. There was an upright model much like the one I had tried at the Casa, and there were also several low models. I've thought all along that the low cycles are too low for me to transfer into, and that for what I want to do - cruise along the boardwalk - they are a bit too elaborate. However, I did see this Jedd model, which looked to be a nice compromise between the upright cruiser and very low racing models. It has a laid-back seat that makes it much easier to "pedal" than the upright cycles, and yet it was fairly easy for me to get into and out of. We still have to see whether or not it will fit in the car and if we have space here in the building for it, but I may get a demo model to try for a few days.

I also learned that one of the bicycle vendors in Stanley Park has handcycles to rent now, and one of the Burnaby parks has a handcycle program this summer, so those are other options that we will check out.

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