Saturday, June 15, 2013

Out to Pasture

Put to work cutting grass in preparation for my niece's wedding

Last weekend was my niece Laura's wedding. It was held at my brother Peter's house, with the ceremony on the front steps and the reception in a huge tent in the yard. Deborah and I flew to Dorchester for it, and went a couple of days early to help out with the preparations. For the 120 guests, we put our cocktail-making experience to good use and made a mojito punch that we served right after the ceremony was finished. It took two 60-ounce bottles of rum, 72 limes, a case of Perrier, almost all of a one-kilogram bag of sugar and a basketful of mint from my mom's garden. The punch turned out really well, and I think everyone enjoyed it.

Peter also put me to work in the yard. With 120 guests there were a lot of cars expected, and I used his zero-turn lawnmower to cut the grass where people would be walking after parking. Peter and my brother-in-law Marty lifted me in, and the mower uses all hand controls so it was no problem to drive - although it did take some getting used to for sure. The ride was pretty bumpy, and you can see here we strapped my legs together so they wouldn't go too far on their own.

Deborah and I were both pretty worn out after the trip, but the wedding was a huge success and we had a great time. And we get to do it all again next year when my nephew Adam gets married!

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  1. Hello Trev,

    MG from Cairo, Egypt.

    Thought to check on you and drop a line to say thanks for the million magazines that my wife dare not to touch.

    I am very happy to see you having fun.

    If you wanna scuba dive in the red sea one day, tell me, we'll do it together.

    Or maybe Musandam, United Arab Emirates, closer to where I work.

    Arabic friendliness and hospitality is famous.