Monday, October 14, 2013

Vancouver Hiking

One of the paths in Burns Bog Nature Reserve

Deborah and I did a lot of exploring over the past couple of months, and found many good hiking spots in the area. Just south of us across the river are two interesting areas. One is Boundary Bay, where we have been before and I have posted about a couple of times - this is where we spotted the snowy owls last winter. There are miles of trails around the bay with a number of spots to start from.

The other interesting area that we only recently discovered is Burns Bog Nature Reserve. It is an enormous peat bog - about 40 square kilometers in area - and extends from Boundary Bay north to the eastern tip of Richmond. While much of the bog is undeveloped and still wild (the guide I have even says to look out for bears!), one edge is full of trails, including one with a wooden boardwalk that is great for wheeling on.

Over the summer we were busy checking out new places and I didn't have much of a chance to do my usual wheel to the village and back. But when I did get back into that routine, it was nice to find that it was another step easier and took less time than before. When we first came to Richmond, now two years ago, I couldn't even make it down to the village the first time I tried - I had to turn back halfway. Now the same trip seems like almost not enough effort for a good workout. It's a good indicator for how I am doing, and I am happy to see that I am still getting stronger as time goes on.


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