Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Snow Geese

Just one of several thousand snow geese in our field

Last week we had a few thousand visitors drop by for a while. Every year around this time, snow geese migrate from their summer homes in Siberia, Greenland and Alaska, south to the mainland USA and Mexico. Richmond is one of their main stopovers. According to the local paper, they used to stay close to the ocean here but over the past few years have been moving more and more inland, into farmers' fields. For several days, they have flocked in during the morning to fill the field across the road from us, stay until dusk, then take off in droves somewhere for the evening.

Time to move, fellas!

Every once in a while, a huge number of the geese will fly up and move to another part of the field. It's quite a sight to see, and the noise is just incredible. We still hear a few of them fly overhead now, but for the most part they have headed south for the winter and won't be back until spring.

You can see more of my pictures on Facebook here (no need for a Facebook account): snow geese pictures, or check out the video I took below.


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