Monday, November 18, 2013

Five Years

Adidas miCoach map of my latest wheel into the village

Last week marked the five-year anniversary of my accident. What surprises me most this far on is how much improvement I am seeing in a lot of ways. I am still finding myself able to do things in the wheelchair that I couldn't do previously, like pick something up off the floor without it being in the exact right spot beside the chair, or go up a ramp without stopping partway for a break; I am still getting stronger all the time, which helps with wheeling around as well as making transfers to and from the chair a lot easier; and, I am actually getting a little bit more feeling and muscle control lower in my abdomen over time.

A lot of the improvement I think is from what I have been doing in yoga over the past couple of years. My instructor and I have been working pretty hard on balance and exercising what few muscles I do have in my core, and even small changes there seem to help. It all comes together like this: Without any abdomen muscles, as soon as I lean forward in my chair I fall over. But with even a little bit of control there, I can lean forward a bit without having to hold on to something. This means I have two hands now to do a lot of things instead of one, and when I wheel around I can put some weight behind the push without worrying as much about falling over.

The map shows a wheel into the village I did last week. When we first moved here two years ago it was a big deal for me just to get to the historic shipping village, which is about one kilometer away for a total trip of two kilometers (about 1.25 miles). Now I can go past the historic village, past Steveston and to the entrance of Garry Point Park (and back) for a total trip of 5.5 kilometers (about 3.5 miles); last week I did it in just over an hour. I am still working hard at it all, and hopefully I will keep seeing that kind of gain over the next five years.


  1. in case you are wondering someone out here in NJ is still reading your blog

  2. Hey Trev.
    Francois in Ottawa here. Nice to read your posts and really nice to hear about improvements in your abilities and confidence!! Sounds like the Olympics are next!
    Here we're already buried under what seems like twenty feet of the white stuff so enjoy your weather!
    Be good.