Monday, December 16, 2013

Our Own Nature Show

These two bald eagles are often in the tree right across the road

Deborah and I live on the third floor of our building and right across from a farmer's field. From our living room window we have a great view of whatever is going on, and this fall it's been very busy over there. In October it was full of snow geese on their yearly migration. A couple of weeks ago the two eagles in the picture returned from their summer in the northern parts of the province, and now we see them almost every day. A couple of times we've watched them hunting in the field, and occasionally the crows will gang up on the eagles trying to get them to leave. We've also seen hawks hunting (and getting picked on by the crows), and a couple of days ago there were two trumpeter swans, which we've never seen there before. Right beside the field is an equestrian farm co-op where they offer riding and horsemanship lessons, so we even have horses going by a couple of times a week.

It all makes for an interesting show and while I do sit at the window with the camera and binoculars fairly regularly, I often wonder what I am missing when I am not there!

Trumpeter swans

Red-tailed hawk

The view on a frosty morning


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