Sunday, January 12, 2014

Steveston Snow

Yes, we get snow in Steveston

Just before Christmas we had some snow in the village. Since we moved here we have not had a lot of snow, and it has never stayed on the ground more than a couple of days before melting away. Although we have hardly any snow compared with the rest of the country, I was pretty surprised when I looked at the average numbers for the area: In the past 30 years, Vancouver has had on average nine days of snow with 45 centimeters (17.5 inches) falling each year.

I did try to go out when it snowed, but I didn't make it past the end of our building's front walkway. Because there is so little, the city is not equipped for when it does snow. Our street is not plowed, the sidewalks are not cleared at all, and it is all left to melt on its own. Any little bit on the ground makes wheeling next to impossible, meaning I was pretty much stuck indoors for those days. Deborah took these pictures showing how picturesque the area looked.


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