Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cannon Beach

Deborah and I recently went on a holiday to Cannon Beach in Oregon. We took two days to get there, taking the scenic route along the coast. On day 1 we drove down Whidbey Island and took the ferry across to Port Townsend, and stayed the first night in Sequim, Washington. On day 2 we followed the 101 through Aberdeen, Astoria and through to Cannon Beach. We spent three days in Cannon Beach and then returned home on the less scenic round, Interstate 5.
Most of the buildings in Port Townsend date from the late 1800s, and have large signs painted on the side. We stopped in the downtown area for an hour or so before driving through to Sequim to stay the night. We will go back again sometime and stay longer for sure.

A tall ship was sailing through the harbour when we were in Port Townsend, I am not sure what the occasion was. The cannon shot it made sure gave us a jolt though!

The salt air near the beach is not so good for anything made of steel...

Deborah on Cannon Beach. The huge rock in the background is haystack rock, the centerpiece of the town - although the town itself is named Cannon Beach because of a cannon that washed ashore long ago.

Haystack Rock is 235 feet high, when the tide is low you can get out right to the rock and look around in the tide pools.

This is the view of Cannon Beach (and Haystack Rock) from a lookout in nearby Ecola State Park.

The lighthouse on Tillamook Rock, as seen from the same lookout in Ecola State Park.

One of the highlights for me was actually getting out on the beach, the first time I have done that in my chair.

My friend Andy Cherney, who I used to work with in Los Angeles, now lives in Portland and came to visit us at the beach. Even though the weather was not quite as nice, we went out on the beach again at low tide and wheeled out to the rock for a look around.


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