Saturday, August 9, 2014

More Exploring

On one of the trails in Redwood Park in Surrey

Deborah and I have been busy exploring around Vancouver, it seems like we have been going to a different park every weekend. In the last couple of months we have been to Tynehead Regional Park, Pitt Polder Ecological Reserve, and Redwood Park. Tynehead Park and Redwood Park have nice gravel trails that are fairly easy to get around on, although both are a bit hilly. The highlight of Pitt Lake was seeing ospreys for the first time in BC. Considering how mountainous British Columbia is and how hilly it can be in and around Vancouver, almost every place we've been to has been very accessible with trails that are nicely looked after and relatively smooth and flat. We will continue to check out new places, there are still plenty of parks that we haven't been to and it will keep us busy for quite a few weekends.

Ospreys at Pitt Lake

Tynehead Regional Park


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