Sunday, January 18, 2015

Paralyzed Rats Walk Again - Update

A flexible implant helps restore walking in paralyzed rats

A couple of years ago there was news about a study in Switzerland involving paralyzed rats that were able to walk again after intense rehab with chemical and electrical stimulation. I wrote about it in June of 2012. Now comes news from the same group in Switzerland that they have developed a flexible implant for the chemical and electrical stimulation part, with good results on rats. Because the implant is flexible, it can stay in the body for longer without inflaming the spinal cord where it is placed. More details are in this article from CNET magazine.

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  1. Look, it's just amazing to read articles like this - who knows when it will finally break through and we have some life-changingscience helping us back to where we once were. In the meantime keep up the inspirational work.