Friday, June 5, 2009

Cupcake Friday


It was another busy day today. I started off with upper body stretching and weights and did an hour on the CPM machine before lunch. After lunch I tried getting in the Civic on the driver's side; it was no problem getting in and out but I couldn't get the chair apart and in as it's an entirely left-hand deal and my arm is not quite up to it. The therapy day ended with more sitting balance and another hour on the CPM machine.

Since I've been here at the Casa I've had my meals provided on a tray, with everything "soft chopped" for my teeth. This week, however, I ended the tray system and get a ticket to get meals at the cafeteria. The selection is a lot better and the trip over and back a couple extra times a day is even more therapy. Today, though, Debbie brought cupcakes from the bakery in Claremont at lunchtime so we had a nice treat to end the week.

Tomorrow we're planning a shopping trip to Lowe's and/or Home Depot to get the rails and showerhead for the shower at home, and if we have time we'll take in a movie. At one of the local theaters people in wheelchairs get in free, so I've got to take advantage of that!


  1. Get in free? At the rate movie theatre prices are going, that's a screamin' deal!

    Glad to see things are progressing quite nicely. Those cupcakes look yummy!

  2. MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmm Cupcakes!!!!!!!MMMMMMMMMMMM (droooool) Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!! Thats just wrong!!! Wish I was there!!!!! If tastin them is wrong...I dont wana be right!!! (not that i think im right) lol