Saturday, June 6, 2009


It was another day of progress on several fronts today. This morning in therapy I did a whole hour of stretching independently, including transferring on the mat, sitting up and laying down a few times, rolling over on my stomach, and transferring back into the chair. The daily change in my elbow keeps catching me out, and sometimes I have more strength than I think, leaning too far over center on a transfer. Other times I'm worn out enough that I have less strength than I think. It's all coming along good though.

This afternoon Debbie and I went shopping for the bathroom goodies, and we picked up everything we needed to outfit the shower with rails and a separate, lower shower head for me. The people at the Casa are arranging for the benches we need, and once everything is in place I'll be able to go home overnight. The car transfers all went okay, and every time I do it I figure something else out. I still need a bit of help, and luckily Debbie does a great job of that as well as taking apart and assembling the chair each time. We finished off the shopping trip with a great dinner at a nice Italian restaurant in Claremont.

I'm pretty worn out from the whole week, but I think I made some good progress considering I started over from practically nothing (again...) on Monday, after four days in bed.


  1. Hi, Andrew -

    Well done man - you continue to impress and inspire - keep up the great work.

    Hopefully your elbow's range of motion and strength will keep increasing, and all of the transfers will become easier and easier.

    Here's hoping your overnight home stays go smoothly, and that everything starts settling down into a workable modus operandi - I'm sure it will - and if history is any indication you'll be pushing hard and making it a success as always...


    All the best,

    -Pawlie & Libby.

    Santa Barbara, CA.

  2. Fall recovery next brotha, keep up the hard work A.T. I know I speak for all your family and friends when I say that you and Deb make us all proud.
    BTW think about getting a restraining order on the guy who posted the "Ricky Bobby" comment, he scares me ;)


  3. still watching ..still cheering