Thursday, June 4, 2009

More progress

The outing today was to the Goodwill Industries gym in Santa Ana, somewhere I've been before - another reminder of just how long my stay here has been. Rather than go on the outing I stayed at the Casa, and in return I got a morning pretty much devoted to my elbow, with stretching, weights and more for three hours. I was pretty worn out by the afternoon, but my arm is feeling looser and stronger every hour. The transfers are getting better, wheeling the chair is easier, and I can do more things that I couldn't do before.

I've taken to calling the CPM machine the "Constant Pain Machine", not because it hurts, but because it eats up all of my day trying to fit enough time in. The recommended time is four hours, and today I should be able to manage close to that, but it will take almost every minute of spare time. If I could stay up later than I usually do everything would be so much easier, but I still need to get in bed by 8:00 or so in the evenings. Luckily I've got a table close by with the laptop, iPod, a book, a book on CD and some snacks, so I've cured the boredom issue pretty much.


  1. Hmmmmmm constant pain machine... is that made from leftover CBR900 parts? Most of my memories of that bike are painful..

    Glad to see things are advancing rapidly again. Sounds like you're already past your previous bests.

    Hope you're home soon!


  2. Awesome to see that hinge of yours is tuned up and that you're already feeling the effects.

  3. Well Hey there Mr.Tre'V!! Ricky Bobby here!! Sorry its been a while, but ive been reading your blog daily!! Money told me he feels its bout time for a lil Ricky Bobby prayer!!!
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  4. How long did that one take you Emoney??
    Mr.Canada, Mr.Tre'V, Mr. Trevetto Burrito, Mr.Tre'v orroniiie!!! Mr. Damn hes got alot of names,
    thats my favourite part of the whole thing.
    so glad my uncle has you.
    this probably cheers him up everytime he reads your comments!! :P


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