Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Good news

My elbow was another step better today, and I was able to adjust the range on the CPM machine quite a bit. I begged off going to the gym to do an hour's sitting, fit in a second hour before dinner, and will do another hour after. The transfers and pressure reliefs are getting better too, and I can do a lot more that I couldn't before. It's nice to be able to put deodorant on both arms or put a sweatshirt on without feeling like an arm's going to break.

I also fit in two doctor's appointments today, so it was a pretty full day. In my appointment with the Casa doctor, he said in two to four weeks I'll be ready to go home, which is great news. I'll be able to try a couple of overnight stays before going home permanently; I'm pretty much ready for that.


  1. way to go!! bet you have the days marked on your calendar. That contraption looks as if they pulled it out of the torture chamber in a mediaeval castle. love you Mom

  2. Stupendous news! You're almost home, AT.

  3. Great news!


  4. Sounds AWESOME!!! Let the House part-AY's begin!!! Cant wait to see ya get home!!!!