Monday, June 8, 2009

A wheelie good time


About the only interesting thing that happened this morning was I held a wheelie for 5 1/2 minutes again, this time with various therapists poking and prodding me a few times. For some reason they all think it's good fun to pick on me. Of course, I pick on them all the time, so I guess I deserve it.

This afternoon I had a checkup at the elbow doctor's, and he was pretty happy with the progress so far. He showed us two pictures from the operating table, one with my arm fully extended, one with it fully flexed, so I know it will go there. It's just a matter of sticking to the dang CPM machine and letting the therapists pull and push on it. The adjustments on the machine are steadily getting closer to the ends, it's just a matter of time.


  1. Nice work on the wheelies! Your suspension book is totally helping me with my bike, now I need a "How not to start like a pussy" book and I will be 110%! Thanks Rod!

    Manitoba Roadracing Assoc Gimli MB!

  2. Damn, wish I was there to watch those guys "poking and prodding"... sweet justice :)
    I think you need to write a book on 'How to do a wheelie without blowing out the fork seals', I'd be the first in line @ Borders.


  3. glad to see that you have a few articles in SR this's really nice to have you back

  4. Keep it up Andrew - thinking about you daily bud..