Monday, August 3, 2009

Week 1: Done!


We survived the first week at home and I think we passed with flying colors. Things are still getting easier every day and we're getting into the morning and evening routines. The days seem to fly by; once I get up in the morning, have breakfast and do an hour of CPM it's pretty much lunchtime. Another hour of CPM and it's nap time. Then dinner, yet another hour of CPM and then bedtime. At least that's what it seems like. How did I ever fit five hours of therapy into a day? Speaking of, it sounds like outpatient therapy may be delayed a bit more than we at first thought, so we've got a few more days to relax. I'm not complaining about that!

We had a few friends over on Sunday to celebrate my homecoming and had a great afternoon. It wore me out (and Debbie too!) but it was great to see everybody, some that I hadn't seen since November. I've got a lot of catching up to do, that's for sure.


  1. Well i'd say, Lets cut out the "Nap time" and that'll extend your day out!! And while were cutting out the Nappy timey...lets get some kind of project going!! that'll take up some more time!! Was thinkin aboot the lowering of the seat in the chair...What you think aboot Air-Bags?? like the Cholo's use in the Lowriders?? A mini Compressor and you can be rollin down the street like Snoop Dogg and Dr-Dre!!! Im guessing the weight may get you too over worked and then we'd be back to "Nappy Time" then were back to Circle 1!! lol airbags!!

  2. OH!! Party was AWESOME!!!! Thanks Deb!!! (even tho the cupcakes were'nt home made) (and they were so small I felt bad that I had to eat like 15 of em!!) Ok, not that bad!! But having to give Coco a beat down over the last one proved to be tuff battle!! lol!!
    Glad you guys had a good time!! Whens the next one??!!!

  3. Great party, guys! Plus I came home with more munchies and drinks than I left with!

    I second that, when's the next one? The party rooms at your apartment complex are pretty cool!

  4. Hi Andrew, this morning I was reading some old posts and found your story. I feel so sad about what happened to you. It's saddening each time I hear a fellow rider has an accident.
    I can't do much to help but you should know another rider from the other side of the world in Australia pray for you.


  5. A little late, but thanks Deb for putting this together! I had a great time. Great to see you again Andrew.

    And yes, sign me up for the next one as well. :)