Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Oot and aboot


Debbie and I have been all over lately, and I'm surprised at how accessible everything has been. Last weekend we went for Canadian Thanksgiving in Long Beach, at The Madison Restaurant. During the week we went to the El Coyote Cafe with some friends from work. I had always remembered the restaurant having a couple of steps to get in, you can imagine my surprise when I saw the elevator that's always been there-right next to the steps. Thats me in the lift, above. This past weekend we went to the Descanso Gardens in La Canada. It was a bit hilly there, but I managed with some help from Debbie to get everywhere. There was even one hill with a sign "no wheelchairs". Of course, we just had to try...

Tonight we're off to visit some friends, it will be my first after-dinner outing and our first outing where we know we'll have a couple of steps to go up. Yikes!


  1. Funny, I had no idea you Canucks had your own thanksgiving until my Canadian roommate made us all a turkey dinner last sunday. Seeing as how I enjoy American turkey day so much, you can imagine my excitement of having TWO turkey days now! :)

  2. How on earth are you ever going to fit work into such a busy schedule?!

  3. What's a couple of steps with everything else. Debbie , just hang on to the brake when he gets too enthusiastic, Mom/ Margaret

  4. love your face in this shot! ah, lunch at "the hound" ... so many fun memories. glad you're back at it! xo pam

  5. Are you kidning me?!!! a few steps?? After surviving a weekend at Sears...I would think you could handle anything!!! You da man!! I hear Ricky Bobbys lookin to get a new prayer goin!!! Cant wait to hear it!!
    You da man!!!!

  6. "Oot and aboot"? Is that your Peter Jennings impression or...?

    Andy ;-)

    Post Script:
    Hi to Mom and Susan!!

  7. ...well done, Andrew!



  8. I have wanted to write to you for a while, but due to procrastination I haven’t done it until now. I too have few things share with you. I had a bad high side at Bumpy willow back in April and broke my Tib-Fib real bad. Good thing that I had my leathers and boots etc. So, just now I can walk without cane but not without pain. I know your situation is far worse then mine, But I can say that I have few things in common with you. I am interested in learning to know how your tooth implant is going. Because my impacted tooth is acting up and there is no avoiding (surgery) it for long. Anyhow, keep you spirits up and just so that you know I have been reading SR for long time and have enjoyed reading many of your columns.