Sunday, October 11, 2009

Toof time

It's finally time to have my tooth fixed. Coincidentally, the doctor looking after part of my tooth is the same doctor that did my face and bedsore surgery. He originally started as a dentist before going into plastic surgery. The whole replacement will take some time, as first what's left of the tooth has to be pulled. Then the base of an implant put in, and then the implant itself installed. In between each phase I have to wait a while for things to heal up.

The first step was to have a panoramic X-ray done for the doctor. I was quite surprised when I took a look at it, you can see some of the hardware that was used to fix my face up. The doctor said that what's on the x-ray is only a small part of it all. You can see the X-ray here. Warning: like the other x-rays, not for the faint-hearted.


  1. Andrew you share so much of your private life, its a privilege to know so much about you.

  2. Even after 7 visits to the dentist in the past few months, that seems like worse.

    Ironic that the parts that need the most work now are the things you can still feel, and you don't want to feel them.

  3. Andrew, you really should start flossing...

  4. Hi, Andrew -

    Glad to hear it's "toof time" - so happy to hear that you're finally getting to it.

    After what you've been through, the implant will be very do-able. Libby and I have both been down that road, and while it's not fun per se, they're really good at that stuff these days, and it'll be all done soon enough - and how cool will THAT be! I found the dental fix-up to be a big psychological boost following my injury, and hope that it has the same positive effect for you...



    Santa Barbara.