Wednesday, November 4, 2009



Earlier this week we went to San Diego for a couple of days. It was my first overnight outing so it was a bit of an adventure, but it all went great. We stayed at a nice hotel that was very accessible, and that made everything easier. While we were there we visited the Midway aircraft carrier museum. I could get on the main deck, the hanger deck and one lower deck with my chair, leaving just a few exhibits that I couldn't see. It was an important stop for me, because when I was in the hospital I made a "to do" list and that was one of the first things on the list.

More good news: I have a new rehab doctor that's closer to home and we saw him last week. We came up with a schedule for me to go back to work part time - starting in early December, I'll be going to work three days a week.


  1. Three days a week???!!!
    Guess its time for me to put in the call to Kento and make sure that gets bumped up..cant have you gettin lazy!!
    Plus if all goes well...AMA/DMG may actualy have a race program and we can surely build something....(no buells) Still workin for Pepsi!!! Hold the onions on the burgs and we'll all be good!!!! Oh and cupcakes...cant live without
    Glad you had a blast down south!!!

  2. Best blog posting ever!! You make us proud!


  3. Best news in a long time, glad you both had a good break, you both needed it. Keep going Love to you both Mom / Margaret

  4. 3 days a week? No, no, no, not with SIM. You'll be doing copy editing at home the other 2 days for all of the other books.

    I'm happy for you! And wasn't the Midway cool? S.D. is always a nice trip to take.

  5. Good stuff ... good stuff! It's about time they put you back to work ... slacker!

  6. That ship must've been built before that accessibility laws were enacted!?
    Whenever I go on those things I HAVE to go to the engine room!

    You look really good Andrew.

    J Andrew

  7. ...that's all wonderful news Andrew - and a great photo, to boot!

    We're all looking forward to the fruits of your getting back work - all hail the return of The Geek...



    Santa Barbara, CA.

  8. Did you see Maverick or Goose ?