Saturday, June 11, 2011

River Stroll

A little bit of nature in the middle of the city

Our apartment complex is right on the Los Angeles river, although most of the year it's not much of a river - just a concrete swath cut through town with a trickle at the bottom. Near the apartment the river is all closed off and you can't get near it, but not too far away sections are open with paths alongside. We found one a couple of weeks ago with a paved path and walked/rolled along it for a block. It's actually a bit lush and there were ducks in the little bit of water flowing, a surprising bit of nature right in town. It ended up being a bit of a workout for me as the ramps to get in and out of the pathway are quite steep, but definitely enjoyable; we'll be hunting around for some more of these for sure.


  1. Nice shoes, are these part of the nature? Love you both Mom

  2. You might consider exploring your way over to Victory just north of Riverside Drive?
    Pecos Bill's BBQ where the menu is short (very In'n'Out esque) and the lemonade is made from lemons, really yummy, if it's not sold out.

    J Andrew