Saturday, June 18, 2011


Getting ready to go in the pool

On Wednesday Debbie and I went to the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center and I went swimming for the first time in more than two years. I say swimming but it was more like floating around with a bit of paddling. The Aquatics Center has a therapy pool, which is kept at 91 degrees and has water right to the top to make it easy to get in. We had a couple of therapists guide us through getting in and out and some of the basics. I couldn't believe how easily I float now - they had to put weights on my ankles for me to stay upright, otherwise I would just float up to the top!. It was a great time and we are going back next week for another session, although this time I am loading up on sunscreen - my poor belly hadn't seen the sun for ages and got nicely lobstered.


  1. Pool!? Weights on the ankles!!??
    Kinda makes ya wonder about that "new" life insurance huh?

    J. Andrew ;-)

  2. Great, must have felt good, Debbie, how heavy can the weights be,? you can always threaten to make them that much heavier if he does not do as told!! Love Mom/ Margaret